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Train freight, international

Prime Cargo is currently shipping by train from China to Germany, where we arrange for pickup and further exit to the desired destination.

To date, most shipments from Yiwu go west from Shanghai to Duisburg, Germany. This transfer takes 16 – 19 days, as well as the “cut off” which is only 3 days before departure. And shipping to Oslo in 3-5 days. Total Lead time of 21-27 days, which makes it faster than boat but cheaper than air freight.

From 2017 we now also offer LCL solutions for train transportation, which allows you to ship goods on just a few cubic meters now also by train.

Trains are suitable for you that:

  • Ships large volumes that have high value
  • Quickly offer new products to the market
  • Have regular deliveries with strict requirements for lead times
  • Want to reduce the size of the warehouse
  • Requires faster delivery time without increasing the climate emissions

Vil du vite mer om internasjonal togfrakt – kontakt Morten Rasmussen – morten@olog.no  ledetid

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International train freight

Du kan også ringe oss på telefon 51 71 53 50 eller sende en e-post til booking@sr-group.no.