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Logistics for online stores

Prime Cargo AS offers efficient logistics for online stores.

International shipping

We arrange pick-up from your suppliers worldwide and ship the goods safely to our warehouse in Vestby.

We offer sea freight, air freight, train freight or car freight from all over the world. We handle both small and large volumes and with the help of efficient logistics solutions, we unload and achieve favorable freight rates.


When the goods arrive in Norway we arrange customs clearance, we can handle your customs warehouse.

We make the product available in your warehouse quickly, efficiently and without time loss.

Goods receipt and storage

We receive your goods, check and receive goods. We can also handle any complaints. The items are labeled and placed in our warehouse and we give you updated balance through our web solution or via EDI directly to your online store.

Picking and distribution

We receive orders directly from your online store, generate packing slip, pick and pack the item.

We then deliver the shipment to the recipient and we keep both you and the recipient updated on the shipment on the way.

We will update your pick and invoice basis back to your online store.

We handle different forms of delivery, including collection shipments.

Electronic communication

Through simple standard solutions, we can integrate with your online store and communicate electronically with the delivery of statuses, balances and information.

Return handling

We can also handle returns from customers and keep in check that returned goods are received, checked and possibly re-stocked.

Imports from China

Prime Cargo AS has its own man in Shanghai who speaks fluent Chinese and Norwegian and who can help contact your suppliers and establish the most efficient logistics arrangement from the Sun's countries.

Supplier Selection

Through a large international network, our talented staff can assist in finding good suppliers in several markets.

Then ask us well!

Contact for prices and more information

How can we help?

Talk to us about your logistics-related challenges – we have short response times and dedicated personnel.


Did you know ...

Prime Cargo ships air freight to more than 120 international destinations every year.

Prime Cargo has offices close to all major airports in Norway.
Prime Cargo works with most of the world’s largest container shipping companies.
Prime Cargo arranges air charters with some of the world’s largest aircraft.
When sending equipment with lithium batteries by air freight, the packaging must be marked with a hazard label. It is important to notify of any such contents when you make your booking.
As a Known Consignor, you can have your goods declared as “secured cargo”. This prevents goods from being rejected and eliminate screening fees. You also benefit from shorter deadlines and are less at risk for delays.

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logistics for online stores

Du kan også ringe oss på telefon 51 71 53 50 eller sende en e-post til booking@sr-group.no.